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Prospective Members

Prospective Members

Beta Pledge Class

Pledging with Alpha Chi Sigma

College is where Alpha Chi Sigma members are made for life. As the only national professional chemistry fraternity in the United States, ΑΧΣ provides the opportunity to bring together men and women pursuing a wide variety of chemistry-related careers and creates lifelong bonds.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of events do chapters have for pledges or potential pledges?
Each chapter hosts a variety of events for pledges and potential future members. This usually includes events geared toward getting to know future members - dinners, ice breaker games, laser tag, etc. For example, Beta Chapter hosts a Pledge and Member Bonding Day, featuring activities such as a people scavenger hunt, the human knot game, a breakfast style potluck, and the member favorite Human Hungry Hungry Hippos game.  

What requirements do I need to meet to pledge Alpha Chi Sigma?
A few expectations include participating fully, attending meetings regularly, getting to know the Brothers, etc. It is also important that pledges are majoring or minoring in the chemical sciences. There are many majors that are included within this - chemical engineering, biochemistry, physics, pre-medicine, etc. Many local chapters have their own requirements that may include the number of credits pledges have completed, GPA, etc. which should be explained at potential pledge events. Some chapters also may have a cap to the number of pledges that are accepted to each pledge class.

How much does it cost? 
Alpha Chi Sigma has a one-time fee for initiation. This provides you membership for life! Benefits: Pledge Pin, Online Sourcebook, Member Badge, membership card and certificate, Professional Pin, and Hexagon subscription for 5 years after graduation. 

For a breakdown of the initiation fee, please visit the Pledge Payment Process page. 

Local chapters may have additional local fees due per semester. 

How do I pay my fees? 
You will pay fees directly to your chapter. Please work with your Vice Master Alchemist or Treasurer for specific instructions. 

I see a "Log-In" option on your website. How do I gain access to that?
After your chapter has submitted your information to the National Office, you can click here to create a user log in. This online account must be activated manually by the National Office, so please be patient as we may take a few businesses days to activate you! 

Why do I need an online account?
An online account gives you access to additional privileges on the Alpha Chi Sigma website. 

How do I obtain my Sourcebook (pledge manual)?
You can download a digital copy below.

Why I Am A Brother of ΑΧΣ

Because chemistry is wonderful! I love science, and Alpha Chi Sigma is like the marriage of both. Chemistry is the basis for life, and I want to breathe, eat, and live chemistry!
Heba HanbaliAlpha Gamma Collegiate Group at University of Kentucky 2015

Become a Brother of

Alpha Chi Sigma

Aside from the professional advantages, membership in ΑΧΣ provides the catalyst to form lifelong friendships. This doesn't end with graduation - it carries on through the years within the Professional Branch of the Fraternity. The rewards of the Fraternity are open to every pledge, collegiate Brother and professional member.

Connect With Us:

Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma

6296 Rucker Road, Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46220 | (800) ALCHEMY (252-4369)