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SC 2019

National Committees

Alpha Chi Sigma National Committees

National Committees help the Supreme Council, District Counselors, and Professional Representatives over many topics and situations throughout the Fraternity. This allows members to have a more active role in Alpha Chi Sigma leadership, without holding a specific position. 


Collegiate Expansion Committee
The collegiate experience of Alpha Chi Sigma is something special for all of us. Lifelong friendships, a common interest in chemistry, and the fraternal experience help make the Brotherhood extremely meaningful. By helping to create or reactivate chapters, you will bring the benefits of the Fraternity to those who have not had that experience available to them.   

District Committee
Each District Counselor has a District Committee that serve as an extension of that DC. Roles and activities are directed by the DC and may include making chapter visits as needed, reviewing chapter bylaws, speaking at a district Conclave, etc.  

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee (DEI)
The committee is charged with providing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training and materials to the membership; address diversity, equity, and inclusion concerns across the Fraternity; and promote improved access and inclusion for all members.

Housed Chapter Advisory Committee
The Housed Chapter Advisory Committee (HCAC) provides knowledge and advice to the house chapters of the Fraternity. This committee also is assigned special duties by the Grand Collegiate Alchemist. 

Nominating Committee
As required by the Constitution and Bylaws, the Nominating Committee is made up of both professional and collegiate members of the Grand Chapter. The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to contact and nominate Brothers to serve as Professional Representatives and Supreme Council members.

Professional Expansion Committee
The Alpha Chi Sigma experience does not end with graduation. The Professional Branch is a vibrant part of the Fraternity that helps you meet other Brothers in your area, helps you get involved with community outreach activities, and keeps you involved with the Fraternity. Starting a professional chapter or group is a simple process, and there already may be people in your area looking to establish a professional chapter or group. 

Ritual Committee
The Alpha Chi Sigma initiation ceremony is arguably one of the most elaborate and impressive rituals of any fraternal order. At various times since the first ritual was performed in 1903, it has become necessary to review and revise the ceremony. This committee provides assistance to the Grand Master of Ceremonies by conducting research into alchemy, heraldry, and the history of rituals. In the past, the National Ritual Committee has published a confidential newsletter called The Spangle. This publication provides information and ideas to chapter Masters of Ceremonies on how to present a more effective initiation rite. The Ritual was most recently revised in 1998.

Safety Committee
The Council very heartily endorses the safety of its members and pledges; therefore, since 1941, they have established a formal standing committee that is composed of 1 to 3 members to advise and recommend a safety program that can be used by all collegiate chapters. 

Scholar Award Committee
Each year, the Scholar Award Committee selects the Alpha Chi Sigma Scholar. The committee consists of five distinguished chemists, who are members of Alpha Chi Sigma. Nominations for the award are solicited annually through announcements in the fall issues of The HEXAGON . Selection is made based on outstanding scholarship for undergraduates and original chemical research for graduate students. 


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