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Leadership and Administration

Alpha Chi Sigma Leadership

The Fraternity has multiple ways to get involved in leadership roles. The Supreme Council acts as the board of directors of the Fraternity. Alumni can also serve as District Counselors who act as a resource for collegiate chapters or can represent alumni in the Professional Branch and become a Professional Representative.     

Leadership and Administration 

Alpha Chi Sigma has many leadership roles that help the Fraternity run smoothly and productively. Having a variety of positions allows members to be involved in a higher level of the Fraternity, but with a wide range of commitment. 

Supreme Council and Grand Recorder
The Supreme Council serves as the head leadership of the Fraternity and as the Board of Directors for the organization. Each position holds a two year term and elections occur during each Biennial Conclave. The Grand Recorder, though not a voting member of the Supreme Council acts the Secretary and Treasurer of the Fraternity. This position is appointed by the Supreme Council and has no term limitations.

Click to the view the Supreme Council Meeting Minutes and Annual Reports

National Office and Staff
The National Office is the Fraternity's headquarters located in Indianapolis, IN. The day-to-day operations of the Fraternity take place in the National Office. 

District Counselors
District Counselors (DCs) oversee the collegiate and professional chapters of Alpha Chi Sigma, acting as an advisor and communicator for chapters all across the country. These individuals are appointed by the Grand Master Alchemist with the concurrence of the Supreme Council.  

Professional Representatives
Professional Representatives (PRs) allow alumni members to have a presence in the Grand Chapter. PRs are elected for staggered, two-year terms.  

There are numerous committees members can serve on - including the Scholar Award Committee, Nominations Committee, and more! 

Grand Chapter
The Grand Chapter consists of the Grand Chapter Officers, the District Counselors, the Professional Representatives, the Master Alchemists of each active collegiate chapter and the President of each active professional chapter. When the Grand Chapter is assembled at Conclave, chapters are represented by their elected delegates. The Grand Chapter is the legislative body of Alpha Chi Sigma, and only it can modify the Constitution and Bylaws of the Fraternity.

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