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Support the Fraternity

Giving back to Alpha Chi Sigma

In addition to annual donations, there are many ways to give back to Alpha Chi Sigma. 

Ways to Support Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma can only thrive with members who participate and give in any and all ways to the Fraternity and all of their fellow Brothers. 

Annual Donation

Each donation, regardless of the size, helps enhance the journey for future generations. Your contribution will designate you as an active professional Brother and you will receive all four issues of The HEXAGON. Make your donation today!   

Monthly Donations

Alpha Chi Sigma now offers the option of donating on a monthly basis.  There is a $10/minimum, and the donation will be deducted on the first business day each month.  To enroll, Donate Now! Contact the National Office with any questions.  

Planned or Estate Giving

Planned giving, sometimes referred to as gift planning, is a method of supporting non-profits and charities through estate planning.  While gifts can be cash or securities, more typically planned gifts are in the form of will bequests, charitable trusts, and gift annuities. 

The intended purpose of the gift can be to endow a scholarship, to support a specific program, chapter or group. For more information, the National Office would love to talk to you about any future planning. 


PointWorthy's mission is to unlock billions of dollars of value in loyalty points for charitable donations.  The website allows you to connect directly to Alpha Chi Sigma, as well as many other non-profits, to donate your credit card loyalty points.  Simply go to the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity Natl Office PointWorthy page.  Once you link your account to PointWorthy, you can donate your points directly to the Fraternity (for example, 2,500 ThankYou® Points from Citi is $25.00 to Alpha Chi Sigma).  Donations you make to Alpha Chi Sigma are tax deductible and documentation of your giving history is available through PointWorthy.


There are so many ways you can give your time back to the Fraternity.  By serving in one of many leadership roles, such as a District Counselor, Professional Representative, a district committee member, or even as a member of the Supreme Council, you can help make Alpha Chi Sigma a successful organization.   

Or simply get more involved in a chapter near you!  If there isn't a professional chapter or group in your area, contact our Professional Expansion Committee Chair - who can provide support in connecting you with other members in the area. The best way to start involvement is to simply attend a professional event held in your area, attend a Conclave or support a local chapter by sponsoring a science outreach program or other event.  

Connect With Us:

Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma

6296 Rucker Road, Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46220 | (800) ALCHEMY (252-4369)