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Professional Members at Conclave

Professional Members

Professional Members

Initiation lasts one day and the Collegiate Branch experience only a few years, yet these impressions carry on for a lifetime into your membership in the Professional Branch. 

Professional Branch

The Professional Branch includes all members of Alpha Chi Sigma who are no longer a part of a collegiate chapter. This may include members who have graduated, become inactive at the collegiate level, or a professor or other professional candidate who initiate and immediately become a member of the Professional Branch. In areas where numbers make it possible, professional chapters and groups carry out the programs and activities of the Professional Branch. Each professional group or chapter draws its name from the locality in which it exists.

In addition to chapters and groups, professional members are active through Professional Representatives elected by the Professional Branch.


Purpose of the Professional Branch

The purpose and aims of the Professional Branch are identical to those of the Collegiate Branch and are centered around the Three Objects of the Fraternity. One of the principal activities of the Professional Branch is maintaining a close relationship between Alpha Chi Sigma and the collegiate chapters. Remaining connected with the Fraternity and forging new friendships with Brothers beyond the initiating chapter, grows a professional and social network of Brothers. The professional organization stands ready at all times to give help to the collegiate chapters, including counsel, advice, and vocational guidance leading to the "attainment of their ambitions."

Professional chapters not only cooperate with the collegiate chapters but also with the American Chemical Society (ACS), the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), the American Institute of Chemists, and other technical societies in allied fields. In keeping with the Second Object of the Fraternity, it is the duty of all members to take a keen interest in the affairs of the societies so they may help in "advancing chemistry both as a science and as a profession." 

Other activities of the Professional Branch include publicizing the accomplishments of individual members, establishing awards and scholarships, maintaining contact with all members within each district and fulfilling established Grand Chapter programs. 

Katie Riley and Brothers at dinner
Alpha Chi Sigma is not just some professional fraternity...We are Brothers, therefore family, for life.
Katie RileyAlpha Rho, 2004

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