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Collegiate Branch

Collegiate Branch

College is where Alpha Chi Sigma members are made for life. Their paths are directed by an interest in chemistry. Friendship and fun, as well as chemistry, drive their activities.  

Collegiate Branch

In its more than 100 years of existence, Alpha Chi Sigma has chartered over 100 chapters. These chapters are made up primarily of undergraduate students; however, graduate students and faculty are also accepted into the bonds of the Fraternity. The collegiate branch is truly the roots of Alpha Chi Sigma, for the collegiate branch has the sole honor of selecting, educating, and initiating new members.  

The collegiate chapters are responsible for organizing professional and social events for not only their members but also for their universities and the public at large.  

Collegiate Outreach

Outreach activities include: 

- Community Days 
- National Chemistry Week
- Chemical education and awareness for the general public
- Science demonstrations for all school ages
- Sponsoring university seminar speakers
- Voluntary community service
- Assisting at university events

Interested in starting a collegiate chapter? Contact our Collegiate Expansion Committee Chair


Chapter Toolbox

Resources for Chapters!

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Collegiate Chapter Houses

Collegiate Chapter Houses
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Why I Am A Brother of ΑΧΣ

Constantly, when looking around chapter I saw bonds being brought tighter together than every before, deep intellectual discussions involving chemistry and related fields, and helping each other reach every possible goal in any way.
Victoria CzabafyPi at Syracuse University 2013

Become a Brother of

Alpha Chi Sigma

Aside from the professional advantages, membership in ΑΧΣ provides the catalyst to form lifelong friendships. This doesn't end with graduation - it carries on through the years within the Professional Branch of the Fraternity. The rewards of the Fraternity are open to every pledge, collegiate Brother and professional member.

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Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma

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