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District Counselors

Alpha Chi Sigma District Counselors

District Counselors (DC), who constitute the link between the collegiate and professional chapters and the Supreme Council, are appointed by the Grand Master Alchemist with the concurrence of the Supreme Council. 

District Counselors

The Districts of Alpha Chi Sigma, which are from time to time modified by Supreme Council resolution, encompass areas as are deemed convenient for efficient contact between the District Counselor and his or her chapters.  If you're not sure who your District Counselor is, locate your chapter on the Chapter and District Map to find their name and contact information. 

If you are interested in becoming a DC or assisting a DC as a committee member, update your profile on the Interest page.

The District Counselors are:

Atlantic Central (ACDC) - Stephanie Bates, Alpha Rho 1995

Blue Steel (BSDC) - Emma-Rae Ranger, Gamma Upsilon 2014

Central (CDC) - Rachel Palasky, Beta Delta 2007

Central Coast (CCDC) - Erin Lewis, Gamma Iota 2009

Great Lakes (GLDC) - Scott Wilson, Alpha Zeta 1978

Great Plains (GPDC) - Oliver Penrose, Gamma Theta 2003

North Central (NCDC) - Hannah Bowman, Beta Nu 2006

Northeastern (NEDC) - Kelly Allen, Alpha Omega 2011

Northern (NDC) - Geoff Giarmo, Alpha Beta 2003

Pacific Coast (PCDC) - Charlie Cox, Alpha Omega 2008

Southeastern (SEDC) - Matt Schnippert, Gamma Beta 2003

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