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Collegiate Branch

Alpha Chi Sigma Officer Resources

Alpha Chi Sigma has many resources for the officers of collegiate chapters. Manuals of Procedure were created for each officer to provide a guide of the responsibilities of the position. Chapter Advisors, District Counselors, and the National Office and Supreme Council are also incredible resources for any questions about responsibilities, reports, and deadlines.

Chapter Reports Log

The National Office continuously updates the Chapter Reports Log to track which chapters have submitted each report. View the document below to see what reports are due. 

Download Log


Current Sourcebook

Click to view the current year's Sourcebook. This page also includes the Fraternal Canon and the Pledge Pin Order Form.

View page

Recording Progress Log

The National Office continuously updates the Recording Progress log to track the pledging and initiation status for each chapter. View the document below to see where your chapter is in the initiation process.  

Download Log


Chater Reports Quick Reference

Click to view an outline of collegiate chapter reports, due dates, and responsible officers.  

Download Quick Reference

Why I AM A Brother of ΑΧΣ

I joined Alpha Chi Sigma quiet, shy, and not confident in my abilities. Gamma Brothers nominated me for VMA because they saw more in me than I did. From there I gained confidence, leadership, and public speaking skills, leading me to MA. I would not be the person I am today, and I would not have gotten the job I have without the Brothers supporting me from day one.
Lauren PhillipsGamma at Case Western Reserve University 2012

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