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Pledge Reporting Process

Pledge Reporting Process

At least four weeks before each initiation, chapters must submit a Pledge Report Form to the National Office. This report form lists all of the pledges planning to initiate. If at any time there are any questions on this process or any of the forms that are part of it, please contact the Membership and Database Coordinator at the National Office. 


Chapter's Process for Reporting Pledges

  1. The chapter elects pledges and holds their Induction Ceremony. 

  2. The Vice Master Alchemist or Reporter submits the pledges' information to the National Office using the Pledge Report Form. Include faculty and professional pledges as well as collegiate pledges. 
    - The Pledge Report Form must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the proposed initiation date. 
    - When pledging a professional candidate who is not a faculty member at your school, complete the Professional Candidate for Initiation Form and email to reports@alphachisigma.org
    - Faculty members and professional candidates are still responsible for paying fees. 
    - To determine if a pledge form has been processed, please check the pledge recording process log. 

  3. Pledges will pay all fees directly to the chapter. The chapter will be responsible for submitting fees for the pledge class to the National Office. For the process and breakdown of the fees, please visit the Pledge Payment Process page. 
    -In the event a pledge does not complete the initiation process, the chapter should use the Depledge Form to report the depledge to the National Office and, if requested, a refund of the Lifetime Membership fee will be issued. 

  4. The National Office approves the initiation via email. In order to HOLD your initiation ceremony and have your badges, cards, and certificates in time for your initiation, you MUST REPLY to this email with your confirmed date. 

  5. The National Office submits initiation information to the vendor, who then mails membership certificates, cards, and member badges to the chapter. 

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