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Delta Epsilon Installation

Starting an Alpha Chi Sigma Collegiate Chapter 

Collegiate Expansion photo

Your school's students will benefit from a local group that helps with their studies, organizes activities, and teaches them how to be leaders. We also provide opportunities to create lifelong friendships with others interested in chemistry. Opportunities for meeting members later can help with students' employment, hiring, and future networking. 

It costs nothing to establish a chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma. The expense of organizing and installing new chapters is borne by the national organization. However, faculty support and guidance is essential to developing a strong and successful chapter on your campus.  

Membership is for life. Voluntary contributions from professional members are solicited annually. These funds are the greatest source of income through which the Fraternity carries out our programs.  

Process of Expansion

1. Becoming an Interest Group: Students who are interested in establishing a chapter work closely with the Collegiate Expansion Committee Chair initially. When the Expansion Chair believes the school has shown enough interest and support to begin establishing a chapter, he or she will help the students submit a request that asks the Supreme Council to establish an interest group.  

2. Interest Group Status: Once the request is approved, a parent chapter is assigned to the collegiate group. This parent chapter assists the interest group with recruiting and educating pledges on the interest group's campus, as well as performing initiations. 

3. Collegiate Group Status: When an interest group is at a successful level, their District Counselor will ask the Grand Collegiate Alchemist to request that the Supreme Council move the group to the next step of operating more independently from their parent chapter. The group will recruit, educate, and initiate pledges under the supervision of the parent chapter, but will do so more on their own. The group also will host regular chapter meetings, professional events, and social events.

4. Chapter Status: When the group is able to operate like a healthy chapter with minimal assistance from the parent chapter, the District Counselor will instruct the group to request permission from the Grand Master Alchemist to petition for chapter status. Once the group submits a petition, members of the Fraternity's active collegiate and professional chapters will vote on the group's petition. If at least three-quarters of the Fraternity's active chapters approve the group's petition, the Supreme Council will recognize the group as a full chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma. 

For more information, contact the Collegiate Expansion Committee Chair

Why I Am A Brother of ΑΧΣ

Because chemistry is wonderful! I love science, and Alpha Chi Sigma is like the marriage of both. Chemistry is the basis for life, and I want to breathe, eat, and live chemistry!
Heba HanbaliAlpha Gamma Collegiate Group at University of Kentucky 2015

Become a Brother of

Alpha Chi Sigma

Aside from the professional advantages, membership in ΑΧΣ provides the catalyst to form lifelong friendships. This doesn't end with graduation - it carries on through the years within the Professional Branch of the Fraternity. The rewards of the Fraternity are open to every pledge, collegiate Brother and professional member.

Connect With Us:

Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma

6296 Rucker Road, Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46220 | (800) ALCHEMY (252-4369)