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Support the Fraternity

Your Donation at Work

Your donations not only help the Fraternity meet our operating obligations, but they also support outreach programs at the regional and local levels.


Your financial support helps us bring Alpha Chi Sigma to new and familiar institutions and increase our membership. Because expansion is such an importance to the Fraternity, we have both Collegiate Expansion and Professional Expansion efforts.  

Tie Dye and other Outreach Programs

The tie dye outreach program started as an event to form bonds between Brothers and chemistry students at Gamma Theta Chapter in Kirksville, MO, and has expanded to be one of the most exciting ways Brothers can bring chemistry to people of all ages. Visit our Outreach Programs page for more programs! 

Member Education 

Your support helps educate members at national and District Conclaves, as well as through the production of Sourcebooks that each pledge receives for education on the Fraternity and history of Alpha Chi Sigma. 

Member Communication 

Your donation allows Alpha Chi Sigma to keep the members in contact with the Fraternity through The HEXAGON, the national website, and other communication tools.

Active Collegiate Chapters

Five percent of active chapters' alumni donations are returned to their chapters. Because this money was given as a contribution to a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization, it only can be used for charitable, educational or professional purposes that support Alpha Chi Sigma's tax-exempt status. 

Connect With Us:

Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma

6296 Rucker Road, Suite B, Indianapolis, IN 46220 | (800) ALCHEMY (252-4369)