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Becoming a Member

Pledging Process

Each collegiate chapter holds a variety of recruitment events for potential pledges to get to know Alpha Chi Sigma and those chapter Brothers. Once a prospective member decides to pledge Alpha Chi Sigma, there are multiple steps in the pledging process. 

Steps of the Pledging Process

1. The chapter elects pledges. These pledges will go through a pinning or induction ceremony. Each chapter has different requirements for pledges - some may have a GPA requirement, credit hour requirements, etc. 

2. The Vice Master Alchemist or Reporter submits the pledges' information to the National Office.   

3. As of Fall 2019, all pledge and lifetime membership fees should be paid directly to the local chapter. The chapter will be responsible for submitting fees for the entire pledge class to the National Office. For the process and breakdown of the fees, please visit the Pledge Payment Process page

4. Following the initiation ceremony, the chapter will e-mail a complete list of pledges that successfully completed initiation. At that point, the National Office will order membership certificates and cards to be mailed to the chapter.  

NOTE: The National Office will refund the lifetime membership fees of any pledges who did not successfully go through the initiation ceremony. This refund check will be sent to the chapter's Treasurer to disperse to those pledges that did not initiate. 

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