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Meet a Brother

Meet a Brother

Audrey A Sherman (Schmidt), Beta 1982
John Roberts

What does Alpha Chi Sigma mean to you?
Alpha Chi Sigma is an amazing brotherhood of people dedicated to scientific findings and careers.  

Fun fact: I met my husband at the Beta house, and we were married 37 years ago. We even held a reception party at the house! 

Why do you stay active in Alpha Chi Sigma? 
There is no greater thing than to give back...to thrown down the rope for others to reach for the summit and beyond! 

Tell me about your career (what do you do, how did you get where you are, what education do you need, etc.)

I am currently a Division Scientist at 3M Co. I began on this journey in a Saint Paul, MN high school and after contact with other members of Alpha Chi Sigma had no other choice I wanted to follow, but become a part of Alpha Chi Sigma and be the best I could be. The first members I met were working at 3M and as Alumni they helped me find my path. Never looked back since. I've celebrated being the first female at 3M with over 100 US granted patents obtained! 

What is something that collegiate brothers or other professionals may not know about your profession? 
By the time I completed my undergraduate BS, my career position was equivalent to an entry level PHD! Something I have yet to ever drive toward. I was just fine with the wonderful education and support of my Alpha Chi Sigma Brothers.

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Alpha Chi Sigma

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