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Fraternity Jewelry and Merchandise

Alpha Chi Sigma Tartan

Alpha Chi Sigma Tartan Design

STA ref: 6688
STWR ref: none
Designer: Wilson, R. Scott
Tartan date: 1/1/2005
Registration date: This tartan was recorded prior to the launch of The Scottish Register of Tartans
Category: Corporate

Restrictions: Yes. A corporate tartan for the use of the Alpha Chi Sigma Fraternity. 

Registration notes: The dark blue and yellow lines represent the fraternity colors. The three yellow lines grouped closely together represent the Three Objects of the fraternity. The six yellow lines represent the six sides of the hexagon. Red represents the Fraternity flower, the red carnation. Red and white together represent the founding of the Fraternity and are the school colors of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Alpha Chapter. The two white lines represent 1902, the year of the Fraternity's founding. This tartan may be worn by Fraternity members, as well as members of their immediate families. 

Fore more information about the tartan or to purchase tartan merchandise, contact R. Scott Wilson

Information provided by R. Scott Wilson and The Scottish Register of Tartans

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