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Alchemy and ΑΧΣ

Alchemy and Alpha Chi Sigma

The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus by Joseph Wright

Alchemy is best described as the ancient scientific tradition by which one attempts to discover the truth about the spiritual and temporal nature of reality; its structure, laws, and functions.

However, the commonly held idea is that the practice of alchemy was a foolish attempt on the part of the pseudo-chemist to find a substance which could transmute lead into gold (philosopher's stone), to discover an elixir which would make man immortal (elixir of life), to discover the universal solvent, or to reach some other equally fanciful goal.

There is no denying the fact that alchemy and the quest for these fanciful goals has led to the development of our modern chemical sciences. Here is where alchemy imparts its lessons upon the Brothers of Alpha Chi Sigma, and those that hope to be. The transformation of chemical sciences from the fumbling of devoted men, feeling their way with many a misstep, to the modern science we know today can be exemplary of the “transmutation” of a prospective member into a worthy Brother of Alpha Chi Sigma. The knowledge gained from this “transmutation” is valuable in all facets in the life of a Brother, from his or her time in college to the highest ranks of academia or industry.

For more information about Alchemy, its origin, and how it impacts Alpha Chi Sigma, view the Sourcebook, starting on page 73. 

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