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The HEXAGON and Fraternity News

The HEXAGON and Fraternity News

Alpha Chi Sigma uses many sources to get Fraternity news to our members.  The HEXAGON is a quarterly magazine that reaches many, but not all members.  The Fraternity also heavily uses social media to communicate upcoming events, deadlines, and exciting happenings throughout Alpha Chi Sigma. 

Submission Requirements for The HEXAGON

When emailing your submission to the Grand Editor, please include: 

  - Your Name
  - Email/Contact Information 
  - Chapter and Initiation Year
  - Photo, caption, and photo credit, if applicable

There are a few guidelines for photos: 

  - Always use a flash indoors.
  - Do not edit or alter your images.
  - Set your digital camera quality to its highest setting with the least compression.  Photos that are less than 8 inches wide at 72 dpi, or that have a file size under 1 megabyte, may be too small for print production.
  - Please send us the image file that is directly from the camera.  Photos that are extracted from iPhoto album, Facebook pages, or Word documents have file sizes that have been compromised. 

Send Submission to the Grand Editor

Connect With Us:

Alpha Chi Sigma

Alpha Chi Sigma

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