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Delta Gamma Chapter Collage

Conclave Awards

Awards Presented at Conclave

In addition to the awards listed below, the Kuebler, Hall of Fame, Scholar, Pflaum Chapter Advisor, and Star Chapter Awards are all presented at Conclave. For more information, visit our Fraternity Awards page!  

Walter T. Schrenk Award Winners

The Walter T. Schrenk Award for the largest Conclave contingent is a continuation of an incentive prize given at the 35th Biennial Conclave in 1980. At that Conclave, Beta Delta Chapter at the University of Missouri-Rolla received a cash prize for bringing the most collegiate members to Conclave. The Beta Delta delegation decided to return the prize money to the Fraternity to buy a plaque and promote the Conclave attendance contest as a biennial award. Since Beta Delta Chapter sponsored the award, its members named it. The unanimous decision of the delegation was to name the award after Walter T. Schrenk, former chairman of the University of Missourt-Rolla combined departments of chemistry and chemical engineering.

Brother Schrenk, Alpha 1917, joined the faculty at the Missouri School of Mines in 1923. While in Rolla, his efforts led to the installation of Beta Delta Chapter in 1936. He also hosted the annual Midwestern Jamboree on his farm outside Rolla. Doc Schrenk was appointed professor emeritus when he retired in 1961. He remained involved with Beta Delta, taking part in initiations and personally meeting with every pledge until his death in 1979. Dr. Schrenk served as Midwest District Counselor from 1939 through 1948, Grand Master of Ceremonies from 1948 to 1950, Grand Collegiate Alchemist from 1950 to 1954, and Grand Master Alchemist from 1954 to 1956.

Year - Chapter
2022 - Epsilon
2020 - Alpha Alpha
2018 - Beta Rho
2016 - Delta Gamma
2014 - Alpha
2012 - Alpha
2010 - Alpha Rho
2008 - Delta, Beta, Nu, Mu, Pi, Alpha Theta, Beta Delta, Beta Gamma, Gamma Delta, Gamma Theta
2006 - Delta
2004 - Gamma Beta
2002 - Alpha Beta, Beta Phi, Gamma Kappa, North Carolina State University Colony
2000 - Alpha, Beta Gamma
1998 - Epsilon
1996 - Gamma Eta
1994 - Epsilon
1992 - Alpha
1990 - Not awarded
1988 - Alpha Theta
1986 - Beta Phi, Beta Chi, Gamma Delta
1984 - Gamma Delta
1982 - Zeta


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