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St. Louis Pro Collage

Conclave Awards

Awards Presented at Conclave

In addition to the awards listed below, the Kuebler, Hall of Fame, Scholar, Pflaum Chapter Advisor, and Star Chapter Awards are all presented at Conclave. For more information, visit our Fraternity Awards page!  

Vincent A. Sedlak Award Winners

This award is presented to the best professional chapter for each biennium. Brother Vincent A. Sedlak, Alpha Pi 1946, was a longtime contributor to the Fraternity. A donation from his estate established a fund that provides grants to promote the professional branch of the Fraternity. The winning chapter is selected by the district counselors.

Year - Chapter
2016 - St. Louis Pro
2014 - Delaware Valley Pro
2012 - Delaware Valley Pro
2010 - Indianapolis Pro
2008 - Los Angeles Pro
2006 - Northeast Ohio Pro
2004 - Research Triangle Park Pro
2002 - Delaware Valley Pro
2000 - Chicago Pro, St. Louis Pro
1992 - Washington, D.C. Pro
1990 - Washington, D.C. Pro

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