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Conclave Awards

Awards Presented at Conclave

In addition to the awards listed below, the Kuebler, Hall of Fame, Scholar, Pflaum Chapter Advisor, and Star Chapter Awards are all presented at Conclave. For more information, visit our Fraternity Awards page!  

T. Dale Stewart Award Winners

The T. Dale Stewart Awards, occasionally jokingly referred to as the Best Chapter with House and Beta Chapter without House, are the result of Conclave Motion 14 from the 13th Biennial Conclave in 1934. The details of the plan, the nature of the award and the frequency of the award were determined under the direction of the Supreme Council. During the 1934-1936 Biennium, Grand Collegiate Alchemist Villiers Meloche developed a set of criteria for these awards. The awards were named the T. Dale Stewart Awards.

Brother T. Dale Stewart, Sigma 1913, was a charter member of Sigma Chapter and the chapter’s first house manager. In the early 1920s, when Sigma Chapter purchased a house, he became a trustee and a member of the housing corporation. At the national level, Brother Stewart served as Pacific District Counselor and chairman of the Alpha Chi Sigma board of trustees.

The 1934 Conclave allocated the chairman of the board of trustees a $50 per year stipend, which Brother Stewart declined to accept. He returned his salary for the biennium to the Grand Chapter to be used however the Supreme Council deemed appropriate. The Supreme Council decided the best use of the money was to establish the chapter awards in his name. The awards were first presented at the 1936 Conclave. Alpha Tau Chapter at Tulane University received the first non-house chapter award, and Nu Chapter at Pennsylvania State College received the first house chapter award.

In 2013, the awards were merged into the T. Dale Stewart Best Collegiate Chapter Award. The winner of the award is selected by the district counselors.

Year - Chapter
2022 - Gamma Theta
2020 - Gamma Xi
2018 - Gamma Beta
2016 - Beta Psi
2014 - Gamma Zeta
2012 - Alpha Theta
2010 - Mu
2008 - Beta (House), Alpha Rho (Non-House)
2006 - Sigma (House), Gamma Theta (Non-House)
2004 - Nu (House), Alpha Omega (Non-House)
2002 - Zeta (House), Gamma Theta (Non-House)
2000 - Alpha Kappa (House), Rho (Non-House)
1998 - Tau (House), Epsilon (Non-House)
1996 - Zeta (House), Beta Theta (Non-House)
1994 - Alpha Kappa (House), Epsilon (Non-House)
1992 - Beta Chi (House), Gamma Zeta (Non-House)
1990 - Alpha (House), Sigma (House), Iota (Non-House)
1988 - Sigma (House), Delta (Non-House)
1986 - Beta (House), Beta Tau (Non-House)
1984 - Alpha (House), Alpha Sigma (Non-House)
1982 - Beta Chi (House)
1980 - Beta Phi (House)
1978 - Alpha (House)
1976 - Tau (House)
1974 - Alpha Beta (House)
1972 - Zeta (House)
1970 - Alpha Beta (House)
1968 - Beta Theta (House)
1966 - Alpha Theta (House)

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