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Conclave Awards

Awards Presented at Conclave

In addition to the awards listed below, the Kuebler, Hall of Fame, Scholar, Pflaum Chapter Advisor, and Star Chapter Awards are all presented at Conclave. For more information, visit our Fraternity Awards page!  

Clyde B. Hutchison Award Winners

The Clyde B. Hutchison Award for Best Professional Activities was created by the Supreme Council as part of the planning process for the 1982 Conclave. The council wanted to emphasize collegiate chapter activities, so the Conclave schedule reduced the time allotted for legislative sessions and added additional sessions that included presentations by collegiate chapters to highlight their programs. Based upon the presentations, the chapter with the best professional activities was selected by the professional representatives.

The award was planned but unnamed until shortly before Conclave. The Supreme Council received word that Brother Clyde B. Hutchison, Alpha Delta 1919, had been working on his car, getting it ready for the trip to Conclave, when it fell off its jacks and fatally injured the former Grand Master Alchemist. The 1982 Conclave would have been his 21st Conclave, missing only three Conclaves since his first one in 1934.

World War I prompted Brother Hutchison to leave college to join the 111th infantry and Chemical Warfare Service. After the war, he returned to the University of Cincinnati to complete his studies and join Alpha Chi Sigma.

Hutch served on multiple committees, including a term as Southern District Counselor. He was elected to the Supreme Council in 1948 and was elected Grand Master Alchemist for the 1948-1950 Biennium. Brother Hutchison was a well known Conclave fixture, usually leaving weeks in advance, in what John Kuebler called Hutch’s Land Plane, taking the scenic route and visiting as many covered bridges as he could along the way. Hutch’s last official function for the fraternity came in 1981, when he was the installing officer for Gamma Delta Chapter at the College of Charleston.

The first presentation of the Clyde B. Hutchison Memorial Award for Best Professional Activities was a tie between Alpha Kappa Chapter and Beta Nu Chapter.

Year - Chapter
2022 - Delta Beta
2020 - Alpha Omega
2018 - Delta Beta
2016 - Iota
2014 - Iota
2012 - Beta Gamma
2010 - Gamma
2008 - Beta Tau
2006 - Beta Psi
2004 - Tau
2002 - Gamma Theta
2000 - Alpha Kappa, Alpha Rho
1998 - Gamma Iota
1996 - Gamma Eta
1994 - Alpha Zeta
1992 - Alpha
1990 - Beta Mu
1988 - Beta Sigma
1986 - Beta Tau, Gamma Zeta
1984 - Beta Tau, Beta Nu
1982 - Alpha Kappa, Beta Nu

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